Subject Verb Agreement Exercise for Class 6 Icse

If you are a Class 6 student studying in the ICSE board, you would be familiar with the concept of subject-verb agreement. Subject-verb agreement refers to the agreement between the subject of a sentence and the verb used in the sentence. This agreement is important to ensure that the sentence is grammatically correct and conveys the intended meaning.

To help you improve your understanding of subject-verb agreement, we have prepared an exercise that will test your knowledge of the topic. Here are a few examples of sentences where you need to fill in the correct verb:

1. The dog ___ (bark) loudly in the park.

2. The trees ___ (shake) in the wind.

3. The students ___ (study) for their exams.

4. The birds ___ (fly) in the sky.

5. The teacher ___ (teach) us grammar.

6. My parents ___ (watch) TV after dinner.

7. The car ___ (run) smoothly on the road.

8. The flowers ___ (bloom) in the garden.

9. The water in the river ___ (flow) rapidly.

10. The children ___ (play) in the park.

To solve these exercises, you need to identify the subject of the sentence and then select the appropriate verb form based on the subject-verb agreement.

For example, in sentence number 1, the subject is « the dog », which is singular. Therefore, we need to use the singular verb form « bark ».

Similarly, in sentence number 3, the subject is « the students », which is plural. Therefore, we need to use the plural verb form « study ».

By practicing such exercises regularly, you can improve your understanding of subject-verb agreement and become proficient in writing grammatically correct sentences.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is an important concept in English grammar and mastering it will help you write better sentences. We hope this exercise has helped you improve your understanding of the topic. Happy learning!

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